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26 of my favorite tools, links and newsletters


I don’t have much of a following on my blog yet, but I figured someday people might be interested in some of my favorite places online. I’ll explain them as I share links.

To Visit

  •– because I love talking to people there- COMMUNITY is great, networking is ultimate
  •– I love new tools, and while I find a lot of them myself, it’s nice to quickly run through new posts everyday
  •– when I want to learn a bit more about analytics, growth hacking, and highly advanced digital marketing tactics
  •– Awesome content shared by even more awesome people, must be an influencer to play

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Who Are You Talking To?


I have a passion for the Internet, Marketing and Psychology. When I first heard about Inbound Marketing, I got excited. My entire time learning for marketing has set me up for this type of work- I already had years of experience.

It’s been a few years now and I’ve worked with countless individuals in the Inbound Marketing world. I’ve come across thousands of blog posts and I’m often left thinking “Who Are You Talking To?”.

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