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Far more than just a growth plan, I do teardowns of your existing assets, and help you build plans based on your buyers' needs.

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Understand your buyer to offer them the best benefits and features. When you know what is important to them, selling becomes easier.

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Learn how to improve your site, application, or marketing. I'll tell you what's wrong with your assets, where you need to improve, and send you a video of my analysis.

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Get the best results from your website, landing pages, and other pieces of marketing. I include teardowns, plans, and consulting follow ups for one price.

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Latest Posts

Read some of my teardowns.

SalsaLabs SaaS Homepage Teardown

I was invited to do a teardown of Salsa Labs, a marketing software option for nonprofits. Please keep in mind that I have no knowledge of their previous tests, improvements, or business decisions. Let’s start with the a screen capture of their site and move through each numbered section. 1: Headline The headline gets the […]

Pendo SaaS Homepage Teardown

This past week I was asked by Pendo to take a look at their site, so here is the newest teardown. Pendo is a tool that helps SaaS companies¬†reach product success. They offer product analytics, surveys and polls, in-app messages and a dashboard where you can see all of this, without the need of engineers. […]

Contentools SaaS Homepage Teardown

Contentools recently redesigned their website and I was invited to tear it up!! If you haven’t heard of Contentools, it is a platform for managing content marketing. It’s pretty nice, you can collaborate, track ideas, write, publish, and share- just about everything you’d need to do. Definitely take a look if you haven’t already. P.S.- […]

9 Things I Expect As Your SaaS Customer

Over the years I’ve signed up for a couple hundred digital tools.¬†With that experience, I’ve come to expect certain things from your tool/site especially if I become a customer. I’m hoping you’ll see this from a customer’s point of view and it will help you preemptively¬†reduce churn. Let’s get started with my first thought upon […]