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Flexbooker Onboarding SaaS Analysis

Interested in your whether your onboarding is sufficient? Check out this analysis to see how yours compares and then get your free analysis here. I'll start with their homepage because the customer experience begins with your marketing, or however the to-be user finds...

How B2B Buyers Shop for SaaS Tools

The more you know about your buyer and the steps they take before making a purchase, the better right? Then you'll likely find it useful to read this story about how I found the best email marketing product for my latest client. The Problem: Client Needed A New Email...

8 Ways to Meet User Expectations

Over the years I've analyzed hundreds of tools to see how they will help businesses. From this experience, I've developed a sense of what B2B buyers need to be successful with a product. I hope you'll see these things from a customer's point of view and they will help...

7 Elements of A Successful Marketplace or Community

You have a website where people come together. You might not think of it as a community because users don't interact in forums and discussions, but make no mistake, if you are providing the place for buyers and sellers/renters/etc to come together it is a community....

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