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Invest in content that regularly reaches new people in your target market and builds your search presence.

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Be an authority on your topic and keep visitors happy with actionable tips, unique perspectives, and helpful resources.

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Publish often and with high-quality content to be the unforgettable 1st choice for a solution.

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“Mary’s tear down helped us find improvements opportunities that we weren’t able to see just looking at conversion metrics. Her experience in the marketing field, together with her passion for helping startups grow, were a game changer for our initial traction expanding our business internationally!”

Pedro Clivati

Content Marketer, Contentools

“Mary is an extremely talented marketing professional that can add a ton of value to any marketing team. She’s also great to engage with and always delivers on her commitments.”

Ben Sardella

SaaS Cofounder, Datanyze

“If you need someone to get your marketing done right, Mary is your person. Not only is she super knowledgeable but you can tell she makes a dedicated effort to continue learning. I definitely trust her advice and recommendations, and really enjoyed the great ideas we bounced back and forth during our times together.”

Mel Sazegar

Content Marketer

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