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What If We Didn’t Call It Failure?

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Have you tried on an outfit and then realized it wasn't going to work for you?
Ever tried a new dish at the restaurant to find out you didn't like it?
Or, have you gone on a first date, and never called them back?

We've all done something like this, but we don't call it a failure when it doesn't work out.

When we think of failure we think of trying to run a 5k only to pass out from the heat in the 2nd kilometer. Or having an awesome job, being fired and having to go to family dinner for the holidays and explaining to them why you were let go.

As entrepreneurs we hear Fail Fast, Fail A Lot, It takes a lot of failures to be successful, and many other similar quotes. But what if we are looking at failure all wrong? Continue reading What If We Didn’t Call It Failure?

Paralysis – Fighting the urge to wait

You'll probably never be fully ready to do what you are suppose to do. If you are smart, you'll rethink it a million times and come up with several reasons why now isn't good. They all seem like plausible reasons, and not excuses, but they are excuses, no matter how you look at them.

Instead, if you can push past the paralysis of fear and jump into the unknown, take a chance on yourself, and even be quick to fail, you'll find that you were always ready. You could have done it ages ago.

The only person keeping you from succeeding is you, and for me that's not a good enough excuse to not succeed.

What Is Your Goal?


We all want to make more money, right? That's why we are in business, whether it's a store, a website, a bakery or a new software tool, we are doing it to make money. But, that isn't really a goal, or at least it isn't a measurable and actionable one.

What is your goal?

When you think about your business, what is the immediate result you'd like to see?

Most likely it isn't more money. It's probably something like this:

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Marketing Not Directly Related to Results is Ineffective


I got off the phone with a potential client the other day and they were relieved after talking to me. They had been with their current PR firm for over a year and could find very little relationship between their marketing dollars and sales.

In fact, sales had gone down. They were spending around $1000 a month on a product that costs less than $10 and the PR firm had never even asked how many items they needed to sell a month to make the company profitable.

Continue reading Marketing Not Directly Related to Results is Ineffective

Weekly Digital Marketing Quicky Sept 9

Save Time Every WeekHeadlines:

Linkedin finally updated their messaging feature- it looks nicer but it isn't a groundbreaking change.

Google has a new logo- the favicon is more disrupting though, as I kept thinking "What do I have open on that tab?"

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 8.37.21 PM

Product Hunt

  • GMass- mass email system for Gmail- free
  • Fanchimp- suppose to be fast social scheduling, generated quick schedule for me, but doesn't give me an easy option to queue posts like Buffer Chrome extension
  • Flow- team chat and task management in one

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26 of my favorite tools, links and newsletters


I don't have much of a following on my blog yet, but I figured someday people might be interested in some of my favorite places online. I'll explain them as I share links.

To Visit

  • because I love talking to people there- COMMUNITY is great, networking is ultimate
  • I love new tools, and while I find a lot of them myself, it's nice to quickly run through new posts everyday
  • when I want to learn a bit more about analytics, growth hacking, and highly advanced digital marketing tactics
  • Awesome content shared by even more awesome people, must be an influencer to play

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Who Are You Talking To?


I have a passion for the Internet, Marketing and Psychology. When I first heard about Inbound Marketing, I got excited. My entire time learning for marketing has set me up for this type of work- I already had years of experience.

It's been a few years now and I've worked with countless individuals in the Inbound Marketing world. I've come across thousands of blog posts and I'm often left thinking "Who Are You Talking To?".

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