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Over the years I’ve signed up for a several hundred digital tools. With that experience, I’ve come to expect certain things from your tool/site if I become a customer.

I’m hoping you’ll see this from a customer’s point of view and it will help you preemptively reduce churn.

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Let’s get started with my first thought upon registering my account with your tool:

Number 1

Help Me Get A Quick Time to Aha!

We both know why I purchased your tool, it’s to solve a problem or pain I have. Help me do this as quickly as possible.

I understand needing a few details to personalize my account, but this should feed into providing me with a better experience.

The sooner I reach my aha moment (or success with your tool), the happier I’ll be with my purchase, and the more likely I am to share your tool with my friends.


What I like here is how they immediately let you enter a blog post to get the information you need. Very quickly I see how the tool works and what it does for me, fast Aha Moment.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 2.42.54 PM


Number 2

In-Site Onboarding That Helps Me Get Started

Layovers or wizards should be simple, point out a few things I need to know to get started.

Onboarding should be short and to the point, I want to get to work. I don’t want a walk through of every feature you offer, you can use in-app tools like Ramen or even (another tool I did a teardown of) to share those features with me as I’m using the tool.


They do a great job of this, they quickly give me a page to answer a few questions and show me the important aspects of their product.



Number 3

A Stupid Simple Intuitive Dashboard

While onboarding helps, your dashboard should be stupid simple. If I’m in a project management tool, don’t use fancy descriptions (like you see in Contactually’s teardown) for starting a project or task, use language I’ll quickly understand.

For example, one CRM mentions buckets throughout their dashboard, but honestly groups would be a better description.


Close brings you to your first message from CEO Steli Efti and you immediately understand what you are looking at. You know where to click to add to the program and you can quickly get to work.



Number 4

Email Onboarding

It’s great that I can easily make my way around the tool, but let’s be honest, I’m going to need a few more onboarding messages telling me about the not-so-obvious features you have.

Onboarding should last up to a couple of weeks, I don’t need a daily email from you, but keep your tool in my head so I’ll use it.

Give me some nudging to try features I haven’t played with yet (Mixpanel), and some tips on ways others have used your tool that aren’t quite so obvious, but specific to my persona.


After a few days of signing up, this email comes, it is a great example of email onboarding, including tips on how to use Buffer best with Quuu.



Number 5

Give Me Decent Uptime & Speed

As a paid user, the features I have access to should work flawlessly (unless you are in beta). If and when they don’t, I expect to be told how sorry you are and that you are handling the issue as quickly as possible.

Of course, if I’m a paid beta user then I’ll be more patient with you, but in general, if you are getting paid you should be delivering a product that has realistic uptimes.

No example of this one, it is difficult to show in an image, but still expected.


Number 6

Updates About the Product

I love it when you make updates, it means I’m getting more value. Please tell me so that I can work around your schedule for maintenance. Additionally, give me in-depth information about how to use new features. Trello does this beautifully on their blog with an in-app tool tip.

Trello does this beautifully on their blog with an in-app tool tip notification. You know the little dog that is adorable?

Example: Hotjar

I was happy to get this email from the VP of Marketing at Hotjar because it shows they are trying to improve their product to continue making their customers happy.



Number 7

Let Me Help Myself With Tutorials & A Knowledgebase

I expect to have access to a library of your tool resources.

This includes videos, guides, tutorials, and a knowledgebase. I like to have access to everything, but feel free to remind me in emails of the popular pieces that will help me out.

In fact, Nuance did a study and found out that 67% of the people surveyed would rather use self-support options instead of talk to someone to get help.


Example: Convert

They have a support knowledge base with several topics to help you get started.



Number 8

I Love Apps, Extensions & Integrations

I want to have access to your tool everywhere I can. Send me information about apps so I can use the tool on my other devices.

Then tell me about some popular integrations I can do with the tool to make my life easier. And show me browser extensions that’ll make it even easier to use your program more often.

Example: Buffer

Buffer almost immediately introduces you to their browser extension, so that you can use Buffer even more often.

While they do this via email, I think in-app would be even more effective, but the fact is they make sure you know about it, and I appreciate that.

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 12.11.01 AM


Number 9

Provide Fast & Happy Support

This is really important. As a paid user I should get preference in the support queue. You should have a system in place so that support questions are answered quickly. I suggest 1 business day at most, with an hour or immediate chat being far better.

Example: HubSpot

HubSpot does a great job of responding to support very quickly, and it shows. Being at and handling the support there, I’ve had several people talk about the support they’ve come to expect from the company, it’s top of the line.



To solve someone’s problem with your product, you have to understand them. This includes understanding how they will use a tool like yours as a solution. When you

When you put yourself in your users’ shoes you’ll have a better chance of being able to connect with them and making them happy.

If you are interested, I can do a teardown of your tool and website to help you better align your product and marketing with your buyers’ needs and expectations, check out my rates here.