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Accomplishments & Recommendations

Here are some of the accomplishments I’ve made in my career:

  • Helped bring from 42,000 members to over 150,000 members
  • Helped bring Inbound from 82,000 monthly visits to over 600,000 monthly visits
  • Top blog post has received over 28,000 views
  • Increased webinar signups by 300% through social promotion
  • Brought social media to over 75,000 visits a month
  • Took hot discussions on Inbound from 10 per month to over 50 a month in less than 6 weeks
  • Managed social media followings of 100,000+ fans
  • Worked with over 20 inbound agencies
  • Got the Partner Certification from HubSpot for a new partner
  • Helped sign several¬†new contracts for agency clients
  • Managed inbound strategies for over 75 companies
  • Written over 200 blog posts
  • Sold SaaS products of <$50 per sale
  • SaaS contracts of >$200,000 per sale
  • Built and Executed entire inbound marketing strategies
  • Grew social media followings from 3k to 50k
  • Escaped The Room with
  • Cold email response rate of 30%+
  • Adwords CTR on average of 3-5% on search


The following are Linkedin Recommendations I’ve received, I am still working on a campaign for newer recommendations.