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Visualize Monthly Goals With The Gap Goal

Sometimes it’s rough to visualize your monthly goal. Think about it, 3500 WAUs for a goal in one month might have been difficult to hit, but with 20% MoM growth, that jumps to 4200 in the second month.

However, if you are using a blueprint for growth you are building marketing assets that compound on each other over time, so each month you are capable of bigger goals.

For instance, in my monthly marketing growth calendar post, I showed how each month you add marketing activities and improve or optimize on the activities you are already using to increase efficiency and better position yourself to meet goals. So 4200 WAUs this month sounds much easier than 4200 without a framework.

Which brings me to the gap goal. If last month you hit 3500 WAUs, this month your goal of 4200 is only 700 more, thus 700 is your gap goal. Assuming you can depend on your past marketing to continue working, and you’ll make appropriate tweaks to increase how effective it was, you should be able to plan more activities to reach that 700 gap goal, and let’s face it 700 sounds much easier than 4200.

Over time, 3-6 months, you’ll notice that each marketing activity is capable of providing a certain amount of leads. For example, when I was at Inbound we started out with around 200 visits a day from social media, I knew going forward that meant I could depend on that level of visits for the amount of effort I was already investing.

The gap goal is one of the 7 steps of my growth blueprint to consistently meet your goals, month over month. Get a copy for free, here. And please let me know what you think about it.