Increase Blog Traffic with Community

Increase Blog Traffic with Community

Do you spend over $100 per blog post? I’m guessing so as many bloggers charge $250-$500 a post.

It makes sense, a blogger puts in a lot of time to write it, and the company needs great content for their site. It helps with SEO, sales, and keeps customers interested with quality content that helps them solve problems.

But… if you are like SEVERAL companies you aren’t doing anything to increase blog traffic to these posts.


One I recently looked was getting 7–35 social shares a post, while paying over $200 a post (I saw their ad on Problogger).

So I thought about it. What do they need? Community.

It isn’t just about getting someone to share the post, but getting someone to care about you and your company.

To do that you need to network, to make friends in the business, and build relationships.

You need a community.

Luckily, in the B2B digital marketing space community isn’t difficult to find. There are several sites where you can build your reputation, and make friends:

Many of these are private, you have to know people in them to get invited. But as you start looking around, you can connect with people and get invites.

Give to Get

I know that social shares are not the be-all-end-all of digital marketing but they do bring in traffic and leads, so it’s worth exploring if being part of a community will help your business.

Here’s how you can start contributing in these communities before you ask for anything in return:

  • Visit often (at least a couple times a week)
  • Share useful content, not your own
  • Upvote, share, tweet about content
  • Comment on the sites, or in Slack channels
  • Connect with people who write the content- comment on their blogs, follow them on twitter, connect on linkedin- build relationships
  • Let them know you want to help

Once you’ve done this for awhile, you should have an idea of what content will do well in your community.

Now build THAT content, then share it and ask others to do so as well.

It must be content that resonates with your community or it won’t do well. This is imperative.

Build Your Own Community To Increase Blog Traffic

This is time consuming and a major effort, but it’s do able. Take the time to choose a platform, provide content, help others and it will come back to help you.

This requires a real consistency, constant following up, and a dedication to the project. It is repetitive, but it’s worth it.

Right now I’m building a small community of brands and people whose content I enjoy and would share anyway. You can email me if you’d like to be included- marygreencny on

See Your Blog Posts Go Further

The main point here is you are spending a lot of time and money to have great content on your blog, yet it isn’t going anywhere far because you aren’t promoting it.

It’s time to change that. Either build your own community, start participating in one, or work with a consultant who can leverage their community to help your blog.

Whatever you choose, it’s better than looking at a post that cost you $300 and has 5 visitors (all of whom are your employees).