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Guaranteed Results Content Marketing Campaigns

Trial Projects start at $3000, Full Campaigns start at $7500
Fill Out Your Campaign Questionnaire Now

Are you sure your content marketing efforts are paying off? 

Not many people know for sure, and if that’s you, it’s time to rethink your efforts. 

Fill out your content marketing campaign questionnaire today and schedule your free strategy session.

Included in a $7500 Complete Content Marketing Campaign:

  • Lead generator- Developed based on strategy session.
  • Landing page- written and formatted for your CMS.
  • Blog post- including SEO ranking efforts.
  • Guest blog post on authority site.
  • Social media updates to promote your blog posts, landing page, and lead generator.
  • Email marketing funnel to follow up with leads, using current CRM.
  • Promotion across several relevant sources, including outreach.
  • Tracking stats and analytic reports.

How Do Guaranteed Results Work?

Simple. We agree on projected results and I work until we reach our goal.

Ready to start with a trial project?

Trial Content Marketing Project- starting at $3000

We’ll decide in our strategy session what will be included, but here are past projects I’ve offered:

  • Guest blog post on an authority site linking to your current lead generator, extensive promotions, social media, and email marketing funnel.
  • Ranking blog post on your site (we will discuss keyword options) linking to your demo page, with promotions, social media and email funnel.
  • Lead generator with edited blog posts you already have for ranking, in addition to promotions, social and email funnel.

Discover Your Content Marketing Potential