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Digital Resume


Skill Experience

Growth & Data

  • Experienced with SQL, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, & Data Analysis.
  • Helped groww from 42k members to 154k members.
  • Increased commenters per week from 400 to over 720
  • Increased weekly active users (WAU) from 78 to 2,300+.

Inbound Marketing

  • Experienced with strategizing and implementing all aspects of dozens of inbound marketing campaigns.
  • Done across multiple industries, with over 20 inbound marketing agencies.
  • HubSpot Inbound, Software and Partner certified.
  • Thousands of leads generated.


  • 100’s of blog posts for agencies, SaaS companies, startups, and more.
  • Full content marketing campaigns and promotions implemented, as well.
  • 2x initial blog traffic for multiple clients.


  • Email, onboarding, and retention campaigns with lists of 150k emails.
  • Increased CTR from 7% to 13.5%
  • Segmented email sends based on URL visited, demographics, and recent participation.
  • Tested subjects, variations and length.

Paid Advertising

  • 4 years of experience using Adwords, doing entire campaigns (landing pages, content, emails).
  • 1.5 years of Facebook advertising with focus on targeting
  • 1 year of Twitter advertising

Social, Community & Support

  • 4 years focus on social distribution, content, and content promotion.
  • Managed accounts with over 100k followers.
  • 4x traffic from social media.
  • Grew fans and followers to 1,000’s for many companies.
  • Ran community at of over 150k members.


  • Experienced managing multiple teams of several people, in marketing.
  • Hired contract freelancers & handled all outsourcing for multiple agencies.
  • Provided monthly report calls to managers and company owners.

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Clients & Employers

Contracted by Datanyze from July to October 2016.

  • Ran Optimizely tests for Insider chrome extension. (control won)
  • Restructured their conversion map and product account levels.
  • Helped brainstorm new company tagline.
  • Implemented new SEO and Content promotion guidelines.
Part of the Growth team as Content & Community Manager from Sept 2014 to October 2016.

  • Helped grow membership from 42k to 154k.
  • Curated content that members would enjoy.
  • Helped increase traffic from 88k to over 600k per month.
  • Created plans to meet monthly growth goals for funding.
  • Handled all user support and social media.

Social Media Fuze
Started my own social media agency to help companies using inbound marketing get immediate traffic and leads in 2011.

  • Worked with 20+ HubSpot partner agencies.
  • Provided social media account management, reporting, etc for dozens of companies.
  • Advised on entire inbound strategies and activities for agencies.
  • Wrote blog posts for myself and many clients, including the agencies.
  • Achieved HubSpot partner certification for one new agency.

Freelance Career
Was a freelance writer starting in 2003. Quickly began consulting on marketing teams.

  • Wrote sales copy for webmaster clients.
  • Created and managed PPC campaigns for several vendors.
  • Learned about HubSpot in 2009 and began working with clients to optimize campaigns.

Hire me remote. I live in Upstate NY.


Career Summary

I began writing for webmasters in 2004 by contacting them through cold email. Next, I learned about affiliate marketing, and started using Adwords for traffic.

Then I learned about inbound marketing through HubSpot. Eventually I began my own agency, and after 4 years was hired by at their community manager. Since then, I’m helping SaaS and startup companies focus on growth.


“Mary is an extremely talented marketing professional that can add a ton of value to any marketing team. She’s also great to engage with and always delivers on her commitments.”
Ben Sardella
Co-Founder & CRO @Datanyze