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I’ll start with their homepage because the customer experience begins with your marketing, or however the to-be user finds your company.

In the first clip of the homepage we have 4 elements; headline, features list, screenshot image, and calls to action.


The headline doesn’t portray anything unique as there are many tools that can handle online booking. “The beautifully simple, yet powerful, way to accept online bookings from your website” leaves something to be desired from the copy aspect. I recommend: Automate Online Bookings With The Hottest Features Available.

Feature List

The features list included has the potential to be a helpful component of conversions, but we must remember that benefits sell, not features, so all of these features should be converted to benefits of the product.

For instance:

  • Allow visitors to reserve slots from your site.
  • Collect payments as they book their slot.
  • Automatically send appointment reminders.

Calls To Action

“30 day Free Trial” isn’t actually a call to action, it isn’t telling the visitor to sign up now. Every intricacy in your webpage can make a difference in the number of people who follow through. A call to action must encourage people to do something.

Generic but acceptable calls to action include:

  • Get Your Free 30 Day Trial
  • Get A Free 30-Day Trial
  • Sign up for your 30 day trial
  • Sign up now
  • Get started

Even these I like to see improved to include the benefits users get from the product, such as:

  • Automate Your Bookings
  • Increase Reservations with a 30 Day Trial

I’m confused in this next section why Flexbooker needed yet another CTA button so soon after the previous two. This is a great place to include social proof, a testimonial, or another benefit. They might have moved the section down the page to place the CTA before the blue section below, however, the following image shows they might not need the additional CTA at all.

This sign-up form feels premature. I’m used to seeing it after clicking a call to action. I feel the homepage is lacking a lot of information and copy and adding this is too early.

The call to action/headline is acceptable though could be written better to increase conversions.

I initially thought the blue section was an FAQ area, but it isn’t. The “Why Choose Flexbooker?” section should be more prominent and more than that, it should be a benefit. If you look at my article on the most important aspects of the homepage, you’ll see where I talk about all headlines and subheadlines being benefit driven.

In this blue section, we also see Social Proof. This is arguably some of the most important information on the homepage and it is buried and designed to be glazed over easily by the visitor.

I encourage companies to put their social proof near the top of the site, above the fold if space allows. It should be designed with quotes if possible, and images or logos, to stand out.



I signed up on the homepage to get a free trial of Flexbooker. This image above and the one below were on the next page. I thought this was actually a nice, quick, way of getting more information.



I honestly don’t understand the point of this FAQ after the sign-up forms. Most of this information could easily be displayed above the first onboarding form as part of the headline description.


Next, we have a welcome screen. I think this should come before the additional form above. Additionally, this makes me feel like I’m done with onboarding, and as you’ll see below that isn’t the case.

Now I am being asked to go through a wizard, of course, I will follow along with it, but I don’t fully understand why Flexbooker is following this confusing roadmap for onboarding.

The next screen (above) is asking me to fill in my services. I think they could have done a better job of explaining how the software works and what was going to happen during onboarding to help me know what to expect.

I ran into a problem with this form, it wouldn’t allow me to have 0 for the minutes field, so I had to add 5 to the field, which can mess up other reservations.

I had no staff to add so that was skipped, however it just asked for a name and type of account- owner or user.

Last I was asked to decide on my appointment times, I could pick days and open time frames to choose the reservations from.

After this, I was left with an empty schedule and there was nothing else to do. No code to add this to my website, no calendar link to share for my site, nothing. Just the following image:

I feel there is a lot that should be added to Flexbooker’s onboarding and their homepage. But, I have received multiple messages since signing up to help with further retention. I believe that with the same care on the site, they could improve their user acquisition and experience.

Is Your Onboarding Sufficient?