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For years I’ve loved web applications, tools, and software. It’s fun to figure out all of the capabilities of each tool and use it to improve some aspect of your life.

Obviously, someone like me would love Product Hunt. A new list of products everyday including tech items, tools, phone apps, it’s heaven. I can get lost there, playing for hours.

While I love browsing PH, it isn’t just the daily lists that keep me coming back for more. Here are a few other uses I’ve come up with:

The Best Search Feature Ever– The search feature at PH is phenomenal. Every time I need a tool or product that I don’t immediately know of, I visit PH to search, NOT GOOGLE. Say you need a stock photo, but you don’t have a free directory bookmarked, go to PH. Or, you need to try a new task manager, go to PH.

Comments Are Gold– Unlike any other platform, the reviews/information shared in comments on Product Hunt help you decide if a tool is the right one for your company. Need to know about certain features- ask the maker. Need to ask a similar company how the tool worked for them, ask in comments.

Save Products to Lists– As you are browsing, you’ll definitely come across products that you’d like to check out in another stage of business, perhaps when you have a better handle on growth, or you’ve achieved product/market fit. You can add any tool to a list like this, and refer back to it later.

Network with the Best of the BestEver wanted to talk to the founder of an amazing tool? How about Ashton Kutcher or BJ Novak? The team at Product Hunt is able to bring on some amazingly talented people to chat with on the site.

Collections of Products– See some of the best apps all in one place, based on category, often put together by influencers in the maker world. Pretty sure Hiten Shah has done a collection or two, and it’s fun to see what others like.

Jobs for Product People– This is a great job board if you are product oriented. I check it out regularly for remote positions.

Like any community, Product Hunt offers more than what’s on the surface. It can be time consuming for sure, to browse the site, play with new tools, and get every last bit of awesome out of the site.

But, if you take one thing away from this post, don’t forget the power of that search feature, it will help you find the best tools available today for your business.

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