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Your Customers Are Everything

Mary Green – Customer & Community Champion
At the heart of your business customers are the factor that keep you in business. I help you understand them, over deliver, and build a community of loyal buyers. 

Is Your Community Quiet? Reactivate Members

ENGAGEMENTIs Your Community Quiet? Reactive MembersWhether you've started a community and it's been abandoned or activity is extremely low, this post should help. Low activity happens in a lot of communities and there are many reasons why this happens. But it all...

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10 Tips for Building & Managing Your Facebook Community

It's super easy to start your own Facebook group and since it is THE place to be online, why not? But once it's started, how do you keep it active, keep people from leaving, and grow it for your business? That's what I hope to share in this post. Your New Facebook...

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