Send an Advocate Newsletter to Increase Engagement

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While running a customer community and building an advocacy program from that, the software I used had the option to send automated weekly emails that included new requests our customers could participate in, as well as conversations they could join.

I appreciated the idea that these automated emails could help with engagement, but I’ve always seen that text emails get better results than beautiful HTML emails. I also knew that using my own email tool could potentially improve deliverability. (Disclaimer: we hadn’t set up the domain appropriately with the software yet.)

I decided to write the emails myself, add a bit of personality, share more opportunities, and include urgency where needed in the newsletters.

I sent the newsletter only every other week. I didn’t want to make advocates feel overwhelmed.

They’d still be getting notifications from other conversations in the program, and we had additional conversations and events in between the editions.

What I Included in the Customer Advocate Newsletter:

  • Short intro or theme that referenced the season, news, industry, etc.
  • New requests from the Product team to participate in beta groups, or user studies.
  • Requests I needed to be fulfilled ASAP
  • Sharing people who had been really helpful in filling requests
  • Opportunities to get closer to the team, get insider information, or enjoy a small perk
  • Rotated requests for references, quotes, case studies, etc

I want to add that if you are not using an advocacy platform to help you bring your customers together, this advocate newsletter can help you keep them up to date, engage them, and drive action.

Sample Advocate Newsletter

Subject: Dinner is on us – can you make it?

Hi Rachel,

You’ve been one of our favorite advocates this year. THANK YOU!

We’d like to invite you to a virtual dinner – we’ll cook – we’ll laugh – it’ll be great fun.

Tell us about your preferences & register right here.

Now, onto the latest in our advocacy program!

New Opportunities for YOU!

Ready to take on speaking? We have multiple partners looking for speakers for next year – if you’re interested, tell us what topics you’d like to cover – we’ll hook you up.

Test new features – the product team wants to know what you think. They’ll show you around our new features and you’ll have access to try things before the market.

Get expert input – Our SMEs are available to answer questions and make suggestions. Submit your questions here.

New Ways to Help

We need 3 quotes for our partnership with Amazon – can you help us out?

Share your story – we have new rewards for whoever gets their story published this year – check it out:

And finally, we’d love to have you join our Reference program. This has been a great way to meet others in the industry.

Send Your Feedback

As always, I’m here to make sure you enjoy our program. Message anytime to share your ideas, feedback, or concerns.

Have you tried an Advocate newsletter?

What did you include?

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