Conversion Analysis To Increase Leads- Up Automation

Conversion Analysis To Increase Leads- Up Automation


I’m back with a new conversion analysis for Up Automation. While this company is not a SaaS, they help their clients by putting SaaS products to work for them, hence the automation. Let’s have a look at UA. 

Like many companies, Up Automation has created a website that portrays what they want to share about themselves with their visitors.

This is very common; I would say 80% or more of the sites I visit have similar messages. It’s perfectly natural since we all want to tell people how great our company is and what we can do for them. 

Unfortunately, the visitor is also ‘me’ oriented and wants to understand how you are going to help them. So there is a bit of a disconnect between what the messaging on the site is doing, and what we want it to do; help people understand how you can help them. Keep this in mind when performing your own conversion analysis.

I always start with the headline, here: We take you from tech hell to tech heaven by automating the systems that help keep your small business in motion. 

As an aside here, I want to point out that when I land on the site, I’m confused about where to read first. Since there appears to be two big sections of text, I would suggest choosing one major headline and making the other text smaller as to not confuse or overwhelm the visitor.

“We take you from tech hell to tech heaven by automating the systems that help keep your small business in motion.”

Let’s take this headline apart.

‘We’ to start a sentence puts the company as the most important aspect here, it isn’t about me the reader it’s about the company. That might seem to pick too much, but this is how you are starting your conversation with the person, and you want to drill down when you are doing a conversion analysis.

‘tech hell’ what exactly is tech hell? Am I in tech hell? How do I know?

‘tech heaven’ same thoughts; what is this suppose to mean to the visitor? This phrase causes more confusion.

‘automating the systems’ now this starts to help me understand what’s going on, automation is supposed to help me, and make my life easier, that’s good.

‘keep your small business in motion’ I want my business to be in motion, but now what?

From the reader’s point of view, the headline leaves a lot of questions. So, I jump to the next section of text to help me get some answers (if I’m still interested and not too confused).

‘Are you stuck in TECH HELL?’ To be honest, I don’t know what tech hell is. Perhaps it refers to the overwhelming feeling I get from managing all of these tools and trying to understand what is going on???

‘Discover the secret weapon that coaches, authors, and speakers are using to go from TECH HELL to TECH HEAVEN in 90 days or less.’ Arguably, this is the headline of the site, after three tries I’ve found it. It finally explains to me what this company is trying to do for me, FINALLY.

Still not sure how I feel about TECH HELL and TECH HEAVEN, it seems like too much, especially since it is mentioned 3x now.

Call to Action:

‘Free yourself from tech hell now’ I like that this is a different/unique CTA, but I’m still caught up in the tech hell bit, I believe there is another way to address the feelings readers are experiencing without coining this term.

Overall, my conversion analysis of this site suggests it needs help. It needs copy that is focused on explaining the benefits of working with Up Automation to the visitor. Let’s give it a shot.

Up Automation Conversion Analysis Makeover

You’ll see here that I’ve turned the beginning of the homepage into basically a landing page. My goal is to grab the reader’s attention with the information that means the most to them and encourages them to take action.

Like it or not, this is the most seen section of your website, it must lead visitors to take action.

I started by changing the preheadline, I’m not entirely sure it is necessary but since it is part of the design I left it for now. This sentence ‘Say Goodby to Frustrating Technology Challenges.’ is about setting the tone.

Next, I dig into the main headline of the site. This is a super important aspect of your site, it is the line that every visitor will read, and it leads them to stay on the site or leave.

I admit this isn’t the best headline it could be. I usually do 5-10 hours of research into the company, industry, and client before rewriting a headline, this was written after an hour.

‘Start embracing the opportunity of digital marketing with the hassle of technology.’ This statement is saying you (the reader) can use digital marketing and you don’t have to deal with all of the crap that comes along with technology.

I like this because it doesn’t leave any questions about Tech Hell or Tech Heaven, it uses words the reader understands; embracing and hassle.

The subheadline is the next section of the site; it should further explain what your company does, leaving no question as to how the buyer will benefit from working with you. (Yes, I realize I spelled technology wrong in the photo.)

I included a bit about the target market (coaches, authors, and speakers) and eluded to how the buyer can focus on their business because that is one of the benefits of working with a company like Up Automation.

Then, I got specific with how they won’t have to deal with technology, by not needing to understand it.

Knowing the company, industry, and buyer on a deeper level would allow me to write even better copy for the Up Automation homepage, but this is a good start to bring the message back to being about the reader vs. the company.

Finally, we finish with the CTA (call to action).

I noticed that when I clicked on the original CTA, it was connected to a Calendly account to allow people to schedule an appointment.

Generally, visitors expect to be taken to another page of your website, usually a landing page to fill out a form, so I was surprised to be taken off site for the CTA.

For this reason, I changed the CTA to ‘Schedule your free consult now!’ It accurately sets up expectations for when someone clicks on it.


Like many companies, the message on the Up Automation website is about what the company can do, not what the buyer needs to hear to make a purchasing decision. Further, it would be beneficial to keep the reader’s experience in mind when designing your site and writing copy.

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5 Simple Homepage Tweaks for 20% More Conversions

5 Simple Homepage Tweaks for 20% More Conversions


It doesn’t have to be difficult to squeeze more revenue and marketing qualified leads out of your business.

In fact, several changes can be made quickly, don’t require a lot of energy, and make a big difference.

I consider the following tweaks easy wins that add up to major results.

Increase Website Conversions With These Simple Tweaks

These are changes you can make on your site, either by having a developer do them or by logging in and making the changes yourself.

1- Write A Beneficial Headline

The most common mistake I see on SaaS websites is… a poor headline.

If your headline was written to tell people how great your product is, you are seriously missing the point.

The homepage headline should include a benefit for the visitor, then if there is room, talk about how great the product is.

Here is a beneficial headline.

This is a headline on Wootric and includes a subheadline underneath that helps explain what the software does.


You are trying to help them realize the benefits you have to offer and get them to buy.

Shouting from street corners about how great your product is, is not nearly as beneficial as saying “hey, this is what you get”.


2- Support Your Headline

The sub-headline comes right after the headline, and supports the headline.

Take a look at the following Headlines and Sub-Headlines to get an idea.

The subheadline is not yet another place to brag about your product.

Write for the visitor/buyer.

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3- Get Rid of Extra CTA’s

Every page on your site should encourage visitors to do ONE thing, with one call to action.

Product pages or other information should be accessible from the navigation, people expect that.

Why? Brian Lenney, shared a great article by Oli Gardner about attention ratio that points out how we have to make it easier for visitors to know exactly what to do.

I’ve tested this on several occasions and it simplifies the process for visitors while increasing conversions.

That’s a win-win!


4- Write Calls to Action That Get Clicks

Improve the calls to actions to tell people what they are getting. The best way to help you with this is to provide examples.

Poor CTAs and Way Better Replacements:

  • Sign Up Now- Sign Up To Get Organized
  • Get Demo- Get My Personalized Demo
  • Subscribe- Get Daily Inspiration Emails

Please note, with all of these I would try to implement what people are actually getting, so these examples aren’t a perfect replacement, but you can see the direction I’m suggesting.

Think of these CTAs as the bonus that gets visitors even more excited about your company.


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5- Repeat CTA’s on Your Pages
IF you have more than 2 sections, you should have multiple CTA’s, don’t make people look for a place to sign up.


In these two pages you see one page without multiple CTA’s and one with them. Which do you think are more likely to convert?

Bonus Tip!!!!

Understand your buyer better than ever before!

Go to and read reviews on your product and similar products.

Specifically the last questions about the business benefits.

This isn’t as great as user interviews but a close second!!

Admittedly, knowing your buyer isn’t going to increase conversions alone, but by implementing that information with your messaging and marketing, you’ll definitely improve, and if you need help I’m here.

It Doesn’t Have to be So Hard

These tips should help you get an easy 20% out of your homepage. And I’d love to hear if you take the tips and get results, just send me a note to marygreencny on gmail.

Be sure to subscribe and get the homepage checklist and you’ll be the first to hear when my next post comes out about improving retention.

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Important Pieces Of Your SaaS Homepage [Checklist]

Important Pieces Of Your SaaS Homepage [Checklist]

After 2 Teardowns of SaaS homepages ( and Contactually) and their marketing, I wanted to share a checklist for SaaS homepages.

What’s the purpose of your SaaS homepage?

Front App says that “SaaS products have in common the fact that they must convince potential customers of their usefulness.” And I agree, they must do this and must do it quickly with their homepages.

Your homepage should do these 4 things:

1) Sell your product
2) Teach visitors about your product, expertise, industry
3) Collect leads
4) Direct people where they need to go (support, login, blog)

Why Are SaaS Homepages Different?