Drawing Community Engagement with Fun Topics

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Sometimes as a community manager you need to build up activity in your forum. This could be for a variety of reasons: to hit engagement goals, to make sure the forum is welcoming, or to increase engagement and exposure of your posts on Facebook groups. 
While this may not help you meet any meaningful business goals, it can sometimes get lurkers to participate or even get others who aren’t active to visit and chime in. While I don’t suggest spending a lot of time focusing on those who do not want to engage, it’s encouraging to see new faces and shows other members there are new people in the group. 
Another way these posts help is by allowing members to have some fun in the group or forum. They get to do something off topic, share in a way they wouldn’t normally, interact with different members, and possibly make new connections. 
As a community manager, I use these types of posts to make conversation with new people. Since their commenting or participation shows me they are interested, I can reach out and build some trust into our relationship. I like to make sure members know they are valued, and that someone from the company wants to personally connect.
Threads like this have helped me at both HubSpot, Forbes, and other communities to nurture relationships that brought about some of my most dedicated evangelists. 

Topics for Increased Engagement

Business/Work Related Communities

  • Sharing social media profiles/links 
  • Share your business, side hustle, 
  • What goal did you reach this week?
  • Apple or Android?
  • What exciting project are you working on or did you finish recently?
  • Share a photo of… (your work area, your pet, your view)
  • Dogs or Cats?
  • Job links (if it makes sense)
  • Share a resource that helps you do your job
  • What are your favorite online tools?
  • Who is your go to expert for…. ?
  • What are some of your biggest career successes?
  • What’s your favorite app for…?

Gaming Communities

  • Favorite game as a kid, Go!
  • On XYZ Game, who is the best character to play?
  • Tell the truth… do you ever cheat?
  • You’ve thought about it: What kind of game would you create?
  • What’s the Best game you’ve ever played?
  • Tell us about your dream gaming set up
  • Which gaming chair/seat is perfection?
  • Online or Console gaming? 
  • Playstation, Xbox or Switch – which is best overall?
  • What’s the you’ve waited in line for a game?
  • Be real – what’s your gaming username?
  • Best streamer on Twitch?
  • Who has the best game walkthroughs?
  • What finally got you into crypto?
  • What would you change about how crypto works?
  • How much was an XYZ worth when you started?
Now, I realize this metric of engagement is very much a vanity number, but let’s face it, a lot of communities are measured based on interactions by superiors who want to see activity. Activity means there has been exposure and this can be encouraging to them. 
This doesn’t mean you should only track engagement or that it suggests success, it just means you have some educating to do on the more important numbers you can track. In the meantime, entertain your community, get them interacting with each other, because building connections is a major reason they show up. 
And, please share: what topics have helped you engage more members? 
Remember, if you have any questions, please let me know here. I’m happy to help.

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