My Favorite Marketing Tools

My Favorite Marketing Tools


Every now and then I like to put out a post of my favorite tools. It gives me a place to reference tools if I change devices or want to share with others. Enjoy!

Paid Freelance Marketing Tools I Use

Buffer $- I happily pay for Buffer every year because I use it to share to Twitter and Linkedin.

Quuu $- I paid $25 for a lifetime subscription through AppSumo, best $25 spend ever. Curates content for your Twitter & Linkedin, or whatever social media accounts you want.

Quuu Promote $- Pay to have one of your articles shared on the Quuu network, there are thousands of members, and probably a hundred categories, you can’t beat the cost per click for sharing here.

Dropbox $- I pay for personal photos to be uploaded to my Dropbox, but I use it for business, too. I choose Dropbox because I’ve tried many others, and the speed is better with Dropbox. Can’t sit around all day waiting for uploads.

Lastpass $- $12 a year and I don’t have to remember my passwords. I can see my passwords when I’m out and about, on the app, and my husband can use my accounts on our other computers.

Nimble– I tried at least 20 CRMs when coming back to freelancing. I wanted to make sure I stayed in touch with the right people, could see email from within the CRM, could keep track of work, could add tasks, and could get data from social. $25 a month.

Staying Connected

Franz– Cool tool for Macs, you can add all of your messengers and they are in one tool on your computer. It works by bringing in each messenger through the web version, so it’s similar to a browser, but it’s a lot nicer than scattered programs, and it unifies your notifications.

Slack– I have my own channel, some pretty cool people are there, and I get free advice from other experts, what could be better?

Hip Chat– Use it for work, one of the companies I’ve recently joined uses HipChat.

Zoom– Video chats with the team. Use it through multiple companies because I’m remote!

Skype– Yes, I can’t believe people still use this either. But they do, and for vide0 (ick) meetings. Otherwise I leave it off because it makes my computer run slower than any other program I’ve ever tried.

Hangouts– People use this for video too, but it’s free, has chat and works seemlessly with Google Calendar.

Calendar Google– Because eventually we are all run by the clock and this is the most used calendar I’ve ever come across.

Organization & Task Management

Trello– Keep my thoughts organized, brainstorm. Work with a company who takes all of their guest blogging through Trello, so I follow that board as well.

Asana– Once I figured out the best way to use Asana, I can’t leave. I will never leave. Even when the company I work for the most right now uses another tool, I am using Asana for freelance writing and Home tasks.

Basecamp– It’s a nice tool, keeps you organized. One thing I don’t like when compared to Asana, is every time you want to look at something else (a task, discussion, etc) you have to load a new page. Time consuming.

Workflowy– For braindumps, make all the lists you want, so easy to use and there’s an app for your phone.

Writing & Data

Google Docs– Even when I try to use another program like Quip or Draft no one else uses them and I have to revert to G docs. I don’t love it, but it gets the job done, and it’s free (well, except the data Google collects about me, but who’s counting that?).

Sortmylist– Whenever I need to clean up, or sort a list quickly, this is my go-to tool. It adds numbers, cleans white space, and keeps a cache of what you’ve sorted unless you erase it.

Quip– My preferred way to write, use spreadsheets, and keep track of documents. G docs has an awful organizational system, Quip has a beautiful organizational system. If they just imported all of your G docs files, I could see a lot of people moving over.– For copywriting and freelance writing.

Google Spreadsheets– I love the data sorting, making pretty graphs, and abililty to use spreadsheets for everything. Hack- once you name a spreadsheet, it goes in your history and you can just start typing the name to pull it back up. So easy.


Quibb- Usually startup news, but loads of smart people are active here. I follow Nir Eyal and look at whatever is on the home page.

Twitter– I don’t follow a lot of people, so I try to keep up with those I do follow. I also follow some great lists.

Medium– Love the stories and points of view you don’t find anywhere else. Wish I didn’t have to see sports related articles ever on Medium, 🙁

Linkedin- Been very active here. Once you find great people to connect with, and follow, like Ian Lurie, it’s a great platform to get news and network.

Facebook– Some of my friends from past clients are active in a chat group, so I visit with them there. Otherwise I only use it for personal relationships. I have secret settings for everyone I know professionally that I set on Facebook, it allows me to accept people as friends even if I don’t know them well, yet keep my personal info private. *Don’t be offended if we are friends there, or not, I have kids, have to be careful.

Inbound– Yes, I used to work here. I love the community, meet a lot of people here, and the networking opportunities are insane!!

Reddit– Joined some of the marketing subreddits, to start network there, especially after reading about how Sol Orwell turned his involvement on Reddit into a 7 figure business.

Chrome Extensions

Colorzilla– Chrome extension that shows me the hex color of any point in my browser. I’ve used it for years, and while I’m not a designer it comes in handy for using on Canva and other sites.

Awesome Screenshot– Take screenshots in your browser, and edit them. Or, take images you already have and edit them, save them, and upload to share.

MixMax (Email)- I had issues with HubSpot’s tool that tracked emails, so I got this. I love it, it lets me add templates, groups, tracking, and has a lot of other features. I like that it works with your calendar to easily set up meetings. You can only use it in Gmail though. Most will appreciate that it integrates with Giphy.

One Tab– Chrome extension, collapses all or some of your tabs, to save you memory as you work through them. Easy to open the tabs back up.

Twitcher– Easily switch from one Twitter profile to another, through a drop down list. Super easy.

Buzzsumo– I use this to see what other great content is available on a topic before I write about it. Others use it to find great content to read and share. Love the tool. I use the extension to see how many shares a post has, when I want to pitch content promotion for someone.

Datanyze– Find anyone’s email address for free with Insider (ext), this is awesome for cold emailing.

Grammarly (Writing)- If you write and don’t want to look like an idiot, use Grammarly. Yes, others are nice, but this is the best I’ve found for what it corrects.

Zest (Reading)- A chrome extension where you can share GREAT (only the best is accepted) marketing content. I find a lot of phenomenal content here. (Reading)- Highlight what you read online, in Pocket too. Finally!!


Unrollme & Roll ups- Using Gmail you can unsubscribe to hundreds of newsletters and publications at once, it’s awesome. For those you want to keep, you can add to a rollup and the news comes in one email for each rollup.

Paying & Finance Applications

Paypal– I use this to get paid for a lot of gigs, it’s easy since it works with my bank account and a debit card. I hate the fees though. It’s nice that a lot of companies are starting to use Gusto so people can get paid right in their bank account.

Bill– Two of my clients use this to pay, it’s nice because there are no fees and it goes directly to my bank account. Their invoices suck, and the interface is pretty confusing.

Freshbooks– My preferred way to send invoices. I have a free account still since I don’t want to pay $120 a year, doesn’t that seem like a lot, to send 5–6 invoices a month?

Credit Karma– Buying a house, watching every little thing that happens on my credit. Learn how to improve your credit here, too, updates your scores from 2 bureaus once a week.

Credit Sesame– Updates your score once a month and sends a bazillion emails, but I like that it explains what the break down of your score is, the percentages of what matters, etc.

Reading Tools

Blinkest– $60 a year to get loads of non-fiction books summarized for you to read in 15 minutes or so. I love this service.

TED– I like to expand my mind by watching videos of experts sharing their passion and new ideas. Brene Brown is here, Simon Sinek, and many others.

Kindle Cloud– Reading from my computer. I use the app on my phone. You can’t go wrong with the option to try the first chapter of nearly every book for free.

Notes- On my phone and Macbook air. Love how easy it stays updated.

Pocket– Whenever I want to check a link later, I use Pocket. I get to read from my phone, etc. I even put things in pocket specifically to read them without all of the distractions of a website. Some websites are really wide, too, and that makes it hard to read, not so on Pocket.

Feedly– To stay on top of all of the blogs I need to read. There are many, many, many blogs.

Devices- Computer, Tablets, Phone

iPhone- 6 plus, soon to be 7 plus once it’s available, 64 GB.

iPad- 2, regular size, nothing special, but nice to read on.

Macbook air- best computer I’ve ever had. Light, fast, enough space, and a mac, nothing better. (OK, so the screen is a little small, but the resolution makes it just fine).

Apple watch- it’s nice to have for a few things.

I’m an Apple addict. 🙂

My Own Site

WordPress– My website is on WordPress, I don’t that will ever change, it’s my favorite platform.

Favorite plugin- Elementor, a page builder. I love it more than Visual Baker. It’s free and works amazingly well. The user interface is perfect.

Site5– For hosting

Entertainment At Work

Pandora– Because 80’s rock keeps me awake when my mind wants to sleep. I am NOT a morning person.

Youtube– I use this when I have a specific artist or song in mind and I know I like the video. Other times I use it to watch funny moments from The Office or Parks and Rec.

Coffitivity– I work at home, and we homeschool, we have thin walls, you can see where this is going. It’s loud here ALL OF THE TIME. I hate phone calls because of it, and I’m quick on the mute button. So to drown out some of the noise, this works really well. Also FREE!!


Product Hunt– Addicted. It’s not just the daily lists of products either, I use this to search for any tool I need. I wish I could search from my browser.

Smile at Amazon– Shop at Amazon and some of the proceeds get donated. You choose the charity that gets your proceeds. I’m all for animals, so I think it goes to the ASPCA.

I’ll try to update as I change tools. Looking forward to what you like about my list in the comments.

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