5 Simple Homepage Tweaks for 20% More Conversions

5 Simple Homepage Tweaks for 20% More Conversions


It doesn’t have to be difficult to squeeze more revenue and marketing qualified leads out of your business.

In fact, several changes can be made quickly, don’t require a lot of energy, and make a big difference.

I consider the following tweaks easy wins that add up to major results.

Increase Website Conversions With These Simple Tweaks

These are changes you can make on your site, either by having a developer do them or by logging in and making the changes yourself.

1- Write A Beneficial Headline

The most common mistake I see on SaaS websites is… a poor headline.

If your headline was written to tell people how great your product is, you are seriously missing the point.

The homepage headline should include a benefit for the visitor, then if there is room, talk about how great the product is.

Here is a beneficial headline.

This is a headline on Wootric and includes a subheadline underneath that helps explain what the software does.


You are trying to help them realize the benefits you have to offer and get them to buy.

Shouting from street corners about how great your product is, is not nearly as beneficial as saying “hey, this is what you get”.


2- Support Your Headline

The sub-headline comes right after the headline, and supports the headline.

Take a look at the following Headlines and Sub-Headlines to get an idea.

The subheadline is not yet another place to brag about your product.

Write for the visitor/buyer.

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3- Get Rid of Extra CTA’s

Every page on your site should encourage visitors to do ONE thing, with one call to action.

Product pages or other information should be accessible from the navigation, people expect that.

Why? Brian Lenney, shared a great article by Oli Gardner about attention ratio that points out how we have to make it easier for visitors to know exactly what to do.

I’ve tested this on several occasions and it simplifies the process for visitors while increasing conversions.

That’s a win-win!


4- Write Calls to Action That Get Clicks

Improve the calls to actions to tell people what they are getting. The best way to help you with this is to provide examples.

Poor CTAs and Way Better Replacements:

  • Sign Up Now- Sign Up To Get Organized
  • Get Demo- Get My Personalized Demo
  • Subscribe- Get Daily Inspiration Emails

Please note, with all of these I would try to implement what people are actually getting, so these examples aren’t a perfect replacement, but you can see the direction I’m suggesting.

Think of these CTAs as the bonus that gets visitors even more excited about your company.


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5- Repeat CTA’s on Your Pages
IF you have more than 2 sections, you should have multiple CTA’s, don’t make people look for a place to sign up.


In these two pages you see one page without multiple CTA’s and one with them. Which do you think are more likely to convert?

Bonus Tip!!!!

Understand your buyer better than ever before!

Go to G2Crowd.com and read reviews on your product and similar products.

Specifically the last questions about the business benefits.

This isn’t as great as user interviews but a close second!!

Admittedly, knowing your buyer isn’t going to increase conversions alone, but by implementing that information with your messaging and marketing, you’ll definitely improve, and if you need help I’m here.

It Doesn’t Have to be So Hard

These tips should help you get an easy 20% out of your homepage. And I’d love to hear if you take the tips and get results, just send me a note to marygreencny on gmail.

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