Meeting human needs in your community

In any community, you’ll see our basic human needs exposed. We want inclusivity, acceptance, and attention. We all want to be a part of something exclusive to our interests; we want an experience that lives up to our unique circumstances.

We need to know that when we take action, someone notices and cares.

That means we (Community Managers) must offer an achievable community, match it with a somewhat personalized experience, and take manual action to show a new member they are valued.

Your community can do this by…

Manually sending a DM an undetermined amount of time after they join. “Hi John, thanks for joining. How’s your first day here?”

Asking what they are working on “Hi Sarah, it’s great to have you in the community. What are you working on right now?”

Building a small group of people who welcome others directly

Tagging them in to related posts (not a welcome new members post, this becomes easy to ignore)

Messaging them to ask them to join or listen to a community event call

Always look for ways to include others, especially your newest members. Over time, it’ll get easier.

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