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Every Business Should Be Building A Community

I’ll help you build, grow, and engage your community while aligning
objectives with your business goals.

I’ll take a look at your community and listen to your goals to help you align priorities.
1st call free. 

Let’s work together to grow your community. I’ll help you strategize and execute plans to bring in thousands fo members. 

The value from your community comes from engagement. Let’s talk about how you can improve your engagement.

Hi! I’m Mary

Community Manager

I’ve worked at HubSpot and Forbes growing, building, and engaging their communities. I build relationships, keep members active, and support your business initiatives. I’d love to hear how I can help your community deliver business results for you.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Community’s Potential.

Connect with Your Members.

Your members love your company, they invest in your mission, support you and want you to grow, and help by spreading your message. And when you nurture that community, the results are phenomenal for business.


Leading a community like this and making it grow isn’t something many people can do… yet you made it look easy.” – Josh Garofalo

I’ve never met a person that stayed on top of replying / interacting with the community as much as you have! I hope you’ll stay around and still be part of the community.” – Patrick Coombe

Mary, you introduced me, brought me into the board, have been an advocate, friend, and sounding board that I’ll appreciate for years to come. You’re the perfect example of a true community manager and advocate.” – Stephan Hovnanian

“You’ve done a great job especially in onboarding new people to the community.” – Bill Achola

Mary you have an excellent way to connect and include people. You were always there with a very real answer and facilitated networking opportunities.” – Kasie Dailey

Thank you for the introductions and for everything you have done at and over the Slack group.” – Fabiola Martinez

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