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Bring Your Fans Together With Your Own Community SaaS Homepage Teardown SaaS Homepage Teardown

This week I analyzed, whose CEO Steli Efti, is also doing the bi-weekly podcast The Startup Chat with Hiten Shah. Needless to say I'm a little nervous, but I did get permission from someone at Close to put up this teardown. Here are the sections: Website...

Contactually SaaS Homepage Teardown

Contactually SaaS Homepage Teardown

Since my post where Lincoln Murphy and Peter Caputa complimented my list of reasons for not buying SaaS tools, I've wanted to spend more time talking about my SaaS ideas. Here is the post, it was linked to by Hiten Shah in his weekly SaaS newsletter...

Things That Don’t Scale Have Exponential Effects

One common piece of advice you hear while working with startups, or on a growth team is: Do things that don't scale. It's a funny quote that basically means go out there, knock on doors so to speak, talk to everyone, etc. The saying itself is a bit scary, people think...

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