Community Management & Development


Build a community around your brand, I’ll help.

My Experience

10 Years Community Management & Development

Working with exciting companies like HubSpot and Forbes, I’ve helped these businesses play to their strengths while building large communities of loyal members.

By focusing on the customers’ needs and wants and building strong relationships I help companies reach important goals. 


Director Customer Success

Initiated a new program covering support, sales, & onboarding to decrease churn.



Community & Customer Success

Managed Forbes Business Council communities & Customer Success.



Head of Community

Managed growth, community, and engagement of HubSpot’s


Social Media Fuze

Agency Founder

Blogging and social media for HubSpot partner agencies and clients.


Every business has a community. Are you leveraging yours?


my Skills

With a background in business, marketing, and writing, my skills allow me to creatively strategize to meet growth goals.

Balancing Business & Member GoalsCommunity Growth & EngagementMember Empathy & Focus

Balancing Goals

  • Aligning members’ needs with Business goals.
  • Carefully crafting timelines for campaigns, changes, design, and events.
  • Attention to building relationships that benefit members and key stake holders.

Community Growth & Engagement

  • Keeping members engaged with software, education, and company goals.
  • Onboarding to help customers learn the platform and participate in help discussions.

Member Empathy & Focus

  • Deep understanding of what members need from group participation.
  • A desire to help members be successful in their endeavors.
  • Interest in making a social impact.

Additional Skills

Content Marketing

Copywriting & SEO

I started writing for websites in 2004. I’ve written hundreds of articles and blog posts.

15 Years

Social Media 

Management, Content, Growth

Used social media to increase traffic for new content. Managed followers of over 300k.

11 Years


Managed Usage & Installs

Used extensively for dozens of blogs, though now I primarily use it with Divi theme only.

13 Years

Startup Growth

Growth, Churn Reduction

After working with HubSpot I was able to work with several startups to increase growth, revenue, traffic, and exposure.

6 Years

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