Where Are Your Conversion Holes? A Full Site SaaS Teardown

This week I’m looking at Pendo for the newest teardown.

Pendo is a tool that helps SaaS companies reach product success. They offer product analytics, surveys and polls, in-app messages, without the need for engineers.

It reminds me of Hotjar and Mixpanel, but since I haven’t used it, I can’t say for sure.

Now, let’s dive into the website, here is a screenshot of what the homepage looks like.



Looks good, right? Modern design, headline, product screenshot, navigation, modern feel.

Let’s dissect is and discuss each section.

1- Headline

Pendo headline: “A New Path To Product Success”

I find this headline lacking, because it leaves me wondering what they do, and exactly how I’m going to land in product success.

For a first time visitor, they are wondering “what does the product do?”.

Let’s try this formula instead: Value prop + tool function= headline

Suggested replacement: “Understand The User Journey With Our Complete Suite of In-App Tools”

2- Subheadline

Live subheadline: “Follow, understand, and guide the complete user journey through your application”

What I like about this is it gives me an idea of what this tool does.

Unfortunately, it is the smallest type on the page, and the least likely to get attention.

More of this information should be implemented in the headline.

3- Call To Action

Live CTA: “Get Started Now”

This is generic and doesn’t incentive the user to click. The color contrast is great though- pink on black, nice for getting attention!

Test this for a CTA instead; “Understand The Customer Journey” it includes a benefit making it more likely to get clicks.

4- Navigation

There are a few things in the navigation I think could be improved. I would remove Use Cases, and put it in the footer.

Notably, there is no support link (something important for return users).

Pricing listed, I think it is an important feature to include pricing for the user experience.

The price inclusion could be an important area to test for quality and quantity of leads.

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5- Design

Pendo has a beautiful, modern and clean site.

The stock photo for the background isn’t super relevant, but a lot of B2B SaaS companies have this problem.

The white around the video is a bit of wasted space, but overall the design looks great.

6- Video

The video does a great job explaining what Pendo does. Having this video most likely increased leads and conversions for the company.

It’s important to remember many visitors will not listen to the video, so Pendo needs to do a better job of explaining what it throughout the entire homepage, not just in the video.

Homepage Section Two


7- Social Proof

While I believe SaaS homepages should have social proof, with Pendo I’m unsure if their social proof is effective, here’s why:

  • It is below the fold.
  • I don’t recognize any of the names listed (but, I may not be the target market)

8- Screenshot

Besides this image fitting the theme of the site, I don’t see any added value. For starters, it says Acme App, why not just say Your App for users to easily imagine themselves using

For starters, it says Acme App, why not just say Your App for users to easily imagine themselves using Pendo?

There is one mouse click on the search field. What is it trying to tell me?

I would much prefer this show me a screenshot of what it looks like on the Pendo dashboard?

That would be beneficial to a buyer.

9- Headline/Benefit

‘Capture all user behavior without coding’- this isn’t a bad headline for the area, but it doesn’t answer the question of whether they’ll need manual setup of my database.

It also doesn’t fit the needed flow of information for a homepage.

I realize this might fall under ‘without coding’ but since the explanation doesn’t mention my current database set up, I’m unsure.

10- Testimonial

I realize I highlight the explanation of the Benefit and the testimonial together, please overlook this.

The testimonial is great, but it is the last piece of the section to read, so it isn’t getting enough attention from the visitor, and the font is a bit light, so it doesn’t stand out.

Section Summary:

I would redesign these sections of the homepage. Start with the Testimonial across the page, add the subhead or benefit underneath that, and then an explanation.

If you have a screenshot of the logs from Pendo itself I would add an image to the left, the current screenshot isn’t useful for the explanation.

Pendo A New Path to Product Success12

11- Subheadline, Explanation & Testimonial

Again I would reorganize this, making the testimonial the main element of the section, then the subheadline.

The headline is weak, probably to fit space restrictions.

If it is moved, I would use this instead “A Personalized Experience for Every User” it is much more beneficial for the reader.

12- Image

More of the same issue as the previous section, but the ‘Check this out!’ section could say something like this:

Since you’re an accountant we thought you’d love this feature on… (thus actually using the personalization opportunity from this benefit of the platform).

Pendo A New Path to Product Success14

13 & 14- Section 3 of Testimonials, Image, Headline & Explanation

The headline here is extremely poor, it gives no insight into the product and needs improvement.

Try ‘Make Product Decisions Based on Hard Facts, Not Guesses’

In this last screenshot, we see the rest of the homepage (minus the footer area that includes links to social media and various other parts of the site).

15 & 16- Section 4 of testimonials, image, headline and explanation

Yay, for the product screenshot here. I would change the headline (and reorganize this section) to Reduce Churn By Keeping Customers Happy

17- Headline

Live – ‘Start Creating More Successful Products Today’ I like this one! Good job!

18- CTA button again

Great idea bringing this in again, still don’t love the copy though, let’s try to change it up a bit by adding in a benefit driven CTA.

Homepage Report Card:

I’ve finally configured my list of the most important elements of the SaaS homepage, to give a grade. You can see individual grades on the left (how they are weighted is my secret, available via consultation).

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 4.01.35 PM

C (1)

Since I wasn’t able to sign up for Pendo before doing this analysis I’m going to stick with analyzing the website. That means I’ll be skipping various sections covered in other teardowns.

Remember, if you like my teardowns, consider getting one of your own.

Pendo Personas

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 4.40.48 PM

Like many #SaaS companies Pendo does not have a targeted market persona. They are hoping to reach any and all product creators. I’m assuming this from their website, use cases, and copy.

I think this is a mistake, unless they already have product market fit and can afford to target several personas at once.

One thing I did like about the site is Use Cases page- http://www.pendo.io/resources/usecases/index.html here they let you choose your role and then they deliver the content you need about Pendo. Interactive content is usually a win, though this is hidden on a much less visited page of the site.

The reason I didn’t like Use Cases in the navigation is that it didn’t give enough information, and my guess is it wouldn’t be visited as much as other pages would be, however, this needs to be tested, like everything I mention in my teardowns.

It would be fun if the function of the Use Cases page was on the homepage, though that would be a great deal of work.


Pendo Blog

pendo-blogI took an almost full screenshot of this blog post to show a few things. Let’s go through this:

1- Blog Post Title

This title is too long and distracting. Try this instead:

See What Caused a 78% Variation in NPS

Keep blog titles to less than 10 words, preferably 6-7 if possible.

2- Featured Image

I expect this to take up most of the width of the content area, there’s no reason for it to be so small. It almost looks like an ad.

3- Blog Post Formatting

Paragraphs are too long, split them after 3-4 lines at the most. No bolding or calling attention to specific quotes or decent pull aways from the post.

Make it easier to read, especially for those who skim (as many of your readers don’t have a lot of time to read).

4- Headlines/Subheadlines

There are some headlines throughout but they are far between and need more visual draw. Make them bigger, add more of them and make them sexier with copy.

5- Images

It would be nice to see more images throughout the post, this gives reader something to look at. Remember visuals are processed by the brain faster than text.

6- CTAs

I was disappointed to see that there are NO calls to action on this page at all. Why blog if you aren’t trying to convert the visitor?

There should be something in the sidebar, and a visual CTA at the end of every blog post.

7- Sidebar

The sidebar has an option to subscribe, but because the focus is on the design of the theme instead of conversions, this area doesn’t call any attention and therefore won’t get as many subscribers.

The entire sidebar is easy to miss and needs some visual attraction to get people to people to use it.

Here are all of the blog posts by Pendo. This is how I begin my blog analysis. This gives me an idea of the number of shares they are getting (from content promotion), how often they blog, and the quality of the titles.

Pendo blog


Pendo Lead Magnets

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 1.08.50 AM

To find the resources written by Pendo you have to look in the footer. Few people are going to do this, so this is a hugely wasted opportunity for Pendo.

From looking around the site I was able to find 2 white papers for Pendo. Here they are:

What is Product Engagement? –http://www.pendo.io/resources/product-engagement/index.html

What is Product Success? –http://www.pendo.io/resources/product-success/index.html

These are both introductory pages to the landing pages to get the downloads. I’m not sure this would is necessary or effective, it is an additional step that only seems to serve to lose the prospect.

The landing pages, unfortunately, could use some copy help, the headlines are an issue, as they are simply the titles and not beneficial headlines made to grab and interest the visitor.

It’s difficult to find many links to the landing pages, and I believe there is no reason not to combine the description pages of the whitepapers with the landing pages to make it a one click stop.

The landing pages look decent, but I would remove the No thanks… links in the descriptions.



I really enjoyed this teardown for Pendo. I can tell the product is a higher priced/enterprise service because of the lack of pricing information on the site, and the white papers offered.

A lot of thought was put into the design (to make it classy and modern), but I think more effort should have been put into copy and conversion optimization (my specialty).

Pendo did let me know they took some of my suggestions, although they were already in the process of launching a new site design.

I would love to help your company with a teardown. I handle all of the follow up testing needed as well, take a look at my rates to learn more.